Six Days Of Spring FuN

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Cranes Roost Park at Uptown Altamonte will come alive
with artisans showcasing their talents, color and music.
Sandra Lewis

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An arts festival is a festival that can encompass a wide range of art forms including music, dance, film, fine art, literature, poetry and isn’t solely focused on visual arts…. Since the 1960s, world-music festivals have become popular in a variety of countries.


This intensive workshop will look at creating literal, dynamic and emotional space as well exploring the live space between performers on stage. The workshop will also be deeply informed by the sound led processes often used by Complicité. Participants will explore how a sound-led approach can be used to devise from text and image and to create space, atmosphere, character and emotion. 

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A festival constitutes typical cases of glocalization, as well as the high culture-low culture interrelationship. In events that take place in autumn, such as Halloween in the northern hemisphere and Easter in the southern.


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A festival is an event ordinarily celebrated by a community and centering on some characteristic aspect of that community and its religion or cultures. It is often marked as a local or national holiday, mela, or eid.


The more there is to see, hear, play with, debate, eat and drink, the longer you’ll keep visitors at your festival. They’ll have time to soak up the atmosphere, and time to hopefully create lasting memories. Don’t make the trip a throwaway hour – if you have the opportunity to hold their attention, why wouldn’t you?


Market information systems are information systems used in gathering, analyzing and disseminating information about prices and other information relevant.


Book swapping or book exchange is the practice of a swap of books between one person and another. Practiced among book groups, friends and colleagues at work, it provides an inexpensive way for people to exchange books, without having to pay.


Our comfortable camping places have a connection to running water, discharge for waste water, electric power, connection to satellite TV and Internet Wi-Fi (W-LAN). The surface area of our pitches varies from 80 to 100 m².

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